The core CoreLoggingLAB is hosted at the Depatment of Mathematics and Geosciences in joint venture with OGS.



Non-destructive analysis of physical properties, internal structure and color on split and whole-round cores and samples (max length 1.5 m, diameter 0.05-0.15 m).

The following parameters can be measured

  • P-wave velocity
  • Density (through Gamma-ray attenuation)
  • Magnetic susceptibility
  • High resolution digital imaging
  • X-ray imaging



  • Geotek® Multi Sensor Core Logger (MSCL
  • Geotek® MSCL-X digital x-ray imaging system
  • Geotek® Core Imaging system track con Geoscan V camera




Mauro Bussi -

Ester Colizza -

Furio Finocchiaro -  

Daniele Karlicek -  

Gianguido Salvi -

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