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From 26 September until 2 December 2022, the „Saarbrücken-Jülich Colloquium on Quantum Information“ will run as a hybrid event. It will take place on Mondays, 16:00-17:00 in person in Saarbrücken, and it will be streamed online. The speakers will be local and international experts in the field presenting their recent research on topics around quantum information, from mathematics, physics and computer science. The colloquium is funded by the Forschungszentrum Jülich and it is a joint event with the Jülich-Saarbrücken School on Quantum Computing.

Members of the T4EU alliance may request the link to the streaming by sending an email to <qitsemester@math.uni-sb.de>.

The Saarbrücken-Jülich Colloquium on Quantum Information is part of the "Focus Semester on Quantum Information" taking place at Saarland University, Germany from September to December 2022. The aim of the Focus Semester is to study quantum information from the perspectives of physics, mathematics and computer science. Numerous international experts give multidisciplinary onsite lectures at Saarland University, accompanied by various research talks in seminars and colloquia. The lectures will be accessible for first year Master's students (physics, mathematics or computer science) providing an introduction to this modern field. However, also PhD students, postdocs and researchers are welcome to participate in the program.

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