2023 - SCHOLARSHIPS for Geophysics students

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SEG offers a range of different scholarship opportunities!

Application deadline: 1 March


It is time to get organized! As the SEG Student & Early Career Advisor, I wanted to offer some advice on your scholarship application!

Here are some helpful tips for submitting a successful scholarship application. Following this advice will help you avoid the most common mistakes and ensure your application is processed smoothly and quickly.

SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION EARLY. This gives SEG staff time to thoroughly review your application and ask any necessary questions before the deadline.

Ask teachers/professors in ADVANCE if they are willing and able to complete the reference form.

Put thought and effort into the essays, and try to fill the word count as much as possible.

Make sure the unofficial transcript you provide is a downloaded document (not a screenshot), and be sure it includes the name of your university.

Read each question carefully, paying special attention to dates. Some questions ask about your current academic details and some ask for information about next year.

Please keep in mind you are applying for a 2023-2024 scholarship.



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