Algebra and Geometry seminar 26/02

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Friday, February 26th at 10:30, Diletta Martinelli (University of Amsterdam).

Gale duality, blowups and moduli spaces

The Gale correspondence provides a duality between sets of n points in projective spaces P^s and P^r when n=r+s+2. For small values of s, this duality has a remarkable geometric manifestation: the blowup of P^r at n points can be realized as a moduli space of vector bundles on the blowup of P^s at the Gale dual points. We explore this realization to describe the birational geometry of blowups of projective spaces at points in very general position. We will focus in particular on the cases where the blowup fails to be a Mori Dream Space, reporting on a joint work with Carolina Araujo, Ana-Maria Castravet and Inder Kaur.

The seminar will take place online. Click here for the Zoom link.

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